Resize the VHDX file

The following process changes the VHD file size using the power shell (run as administrator).
  1. mount-vhd –passthru | get-disk | get-partition | get-volume
    • This will mount the virtual hard disk in the management operating system, and let you know the drive letter that was assigned to it.
    • Ex: mount-vhd F:\MYVHD.vhdx –passthru | get-disk | get-partition | get-volume
  2. resize-partition –driveletter –size
    • This will resize the partition inside the virtual hard disk.
    • Ex: resize-partition –driveletter I –size 60GB
  3. dismount-vhd
    • Dismount the virtual hard disk after shrinking the partition.
    • EX: dismount-vhd F:\MYVHD.vhdx
  4. resize-vhd –ToMinimumSize
    • Now shrink the virtual hard disk to match the new size
    • EX: resize-vhd F:\MYVHD.vhdx –ToMinimumSize

How to remove windows default apps in Windows 8, 8.1 and 10

Step 1
Open power shell as an Administrator

Step 2
Type the command Get-AppxPackage. It  will show the list of windows apps.

Step 3Now choose the application which you want to remove. Select the Package full name and type the following command. 

remove-appxpackage “package full name” -confirm

For example, to remove the xbox application use following  
remove-appxpackage Microsoft.XboxApp_5.6.17000.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe – Confirm

Xbox app will be removed..